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We have a long history of publicly bid projects which include county and city government projects, university projects, and state construction projects. We have received several awards of excellence from these types of projects. We have constructed projects under the single prime contracting method and the multi-prime contract method. Regardless of the type project or contracting method, we approach each project with the same mentality of quality, timeliness, and budget control.


We understand the difference between being a general contractor and being a construction manager. We are the owner's representative and bear the responsibility of looking after the owner's best interest first and foremost. The pre-qualified contractors for each bid package are in reality a prime contractor responsible for completing their scope of work in it's entirety. This is the major difference in  CM at Risk Project and makes the pre-qualification process so critical. The most important part of any project is the team assembled and their ability to work together.



Our approach to pre-construction services is to have as many of our team members as possible review the drawings at each phase to determine the best options as they relate to constructability, value engineering, relevant subcontractors, and schedule. We have an extensive list of subcontractors who will also look at budget estimates with us to determine if the market rates have changed, labor and material availabilities, and constructability. Having both our team and our subcontractors work together through these phases gives us more than just historical information, it gives us real time snapshots of the market

Preconstruction Planning


Asheville Office

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 919-774-4000 or fill out the following form


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Since 1995  American South has been providing services as a General Contractor and Construction Manager. Our goal is always a satisfied customer first and foremost. A real team concept begins with this approach. We strive to build relationships on our projects that will last longer than the duration of the project. 

American South takes pride in its past. Since 1915 our ancestors have been in the construction business. Our current management staff have all been in this business for over thirty years. As the construction industry has changed over the years we have adapted. We have been through the Single Prime, Multi-Prime, Design Build, and CM at Risk delivery methods and have excelled in each and every one of them.

The things that set us apart from our competitors is that we are first and foremost a builder. We know what it takes to put a successful project together. Our approach to a project is a team concept, making sure we have utilized every resource available. We have relationships with subcontractors that bring the best pricing, quality, and expertise to each project we manage. It is our goal to provide a clear understanding of the scope of the project to all participants, the division between disciplines, and the coordination of all trades.

Our approach to Project Management
As a long established, successful general contracting firm, our reputation is based on proven expertise in several fundamental areas of the construction process.  We believe that these critical points are the reason for our success.

We have the experience that provides us with an approach to quality control that works.  This is proven by the completion of top quality facilities and very satisfied clients.  The major factors in our successful quality control program include the following:

  • We assign a qualified project team that is rich in relevant construction experience from top to bottom.

  • All team members have specific responsibilities in monitoring the quality of work as it progresses.

  • Careful selection of qualified subcontractors, who are pre-qualified and then properly supervised.

  • Project visits by officers and principals of our company, who are not assigned team members; give objective feedback to the project team.

  • Communication of American South’s expectations and accountabilities to all project participants.

  • Written definition of our corporate quality control program through our printed QC manual.

  • A real and effective commitment to safety and jobsite cleanliness.




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